Salena Zito

Among Republicans, Mike Huckabee won big in Iowa, Romney won small in Wyoming, but McCain scored the moral victory with his win in New Hampshire.

Another way to look at it: Romney lost two big races on which he staked a lot of money and organization; McCain could not pull out even a third place in Iowa; and Huckabee is just a one-hit wonder -- the perspective depends on the amount of cynicism you wish to employ.

Then there is the unknown variable of Rudy Giuliani. His strategy of waiting till Feb. 5’s Super-duper Tuesday is called unproven and risky but, frankly, it really is his only shot. And who knows, it may just work.

The promise of Fred Thompson has not materialized so far. But if his pitch for South Carolina and all things Dixie and Western works, well, he will rewrite political history.

Ron Paul’s presence in New Hampshire was interesting, but not politically important. Said one woman who drove up from Kentucky: “I am here for the party” -- the fun kind, not the political kind. That pretty much explains Ron Paul.

Being undecided walking into the voting booth was the norm in New Hampshire, not the exception. If that trend persists nationally, then there may not be any clear winner for either party at the end of primary season.

That would make 2008 the summer of the brokered conventions.

Salena Zito

Salena Zito is a political analyst, reporter and columnist.