Ryan Zempel

This past weekend Walden released Bridge to Terabithia, which landed in second place at the box office, letting Walden know that their strategy is sound and sending a message to the rest of Hollywood (wouldn't you like to inspire some copycats?) that this is just the sort of family-friendly entertainment we're looking for.

Of course, the desire for family-friendly entertainment is a message Hollywood has probably already pretty well-ingested (although it never hurts to remind them that quality movies like Bridge to Terabithia are preferable to some of the dreck that passes for kids’ movies these days).

However, when it comes to movies that adults enjoy, Hollywood could stand to become a bit more educated. And this upcoming weekend, thanks once again to Walden, provides a perfect opportunity.

This Friday, Walden's Bristol Bay Productions comes out with an incredible offering -- Amazing Grace, the story of William Wilberforce and his fight against the slave trade. Like the classic Chariots of Fire and the more recent Luther (a box-office disappointment), Amazing Grace offers an inspiring portrayal of a man who impacted history by living out his faith. I don’t know about you, but this is just the sort of inspirational faith story I’d like to see more of.

I’ve already had a chance to see Amazing Grace and I can attest to its excellence – artistically, morally, and inspirationally. I plan to see it again – this Friday – and I plan to invite a number of other people to see it with me. You should do the same.

Amazing Grace itself is a lesson in the cultural change we need to be effecting. As Wilberforce’s friend William Pitt the Younger tells him, “we’re too young to realize that certain things are impossible.” Like Pitt and Wilberforce, we should be undaunted by the task of changing the culture to better reflect our values. And we can do so, quite simply, by watching this movie this weekend.

Significantly, Bristol Bay has already announced plans to follow Amazing Grace with a film adaptation of "The Screwtape Letters" by C.S. Lewis. Their plans will doubtless be affected by the success -- or failure -- of Amazing Grace.

It's time to get out there and vote.

Ryan Zempel

Ryan Zempel is the Chief Creative Officer of RegenerateCulture.com which is dedicated to sparking a reformation of arts and entertainment.

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