Ryan Lees

In 2007 Priebus was elected as the Chair to the Wisconsin Republican Party, and to his credit, the state was returned to conservative columns during his tenure, at least Republican; this included the entire state legislature and the Governor’s mansion.

Where is the candidate that reflects the anti-establishment vote that just took place? Every one of the candidates has been in the ranks for more than a decade, some for three. There is a former U.S. Ambassador, the current chairman, state party chairs, former deputy chair, and a perennial RNC Chair candidate.

The candidate that comes closest to the grassroots momentum that won the elections is Reince Priebus of Wisconsin. At least Priebus has only been indoctrinated by his state party. All these others are accustomed to the centralized, bureaucratic operations that were rejected during the elections.

Though it is a qualified endorsement, Priebus is the least contradictory of the candidates when regarding the messages from the midterm election. Hopefully, whoever wins the caucus is sincere about what every candidate has promised: listening to the people.

Ryan Lees

Ryan Lees is the Director of Media Outreach and a Program Coordinator at the Patrick Henry Center.