Ryan Lees

Immediately after Clinton signed Republican small business legislation in 1996, he was in Middle America, his arms around mom and pop small business, expressing his pride in the legislation. Republicans watched in their offices as he explained to America how he achieved it. This cannot happen. Republicans need to communicate constantly and prevent Obama from hijacking their success.

Second, and most importantly, the steering of the coming conservative victory is thanks to Tea Party groups. Conservatives must stay in the streets and remain on President Obama’s and every legislator’s radar.

Vigilance is a must. Citizens in this country have taken back the mantle of control. If this activity ceases after the midterms, the politics of both parties will return to business as usual. Without a sustained citizen oversight, all will be lost again; Obama will have the ability to play games; Republicans’ concerns will center on power and our liberties will never be returned.

So which Obama will be best? I hope there is a third option: an Obama who does what is best, not that which keeps him in power. This is not likely. The pragmatic approach gives short-term improvement, yet long-term misery. The veto approach gives hard battles in the short-term, yet a conservative 2012. I will take the latter and sacrifice now.

Ryan Lees

Ryan Lees is the Director of Media Outreach and a Program Coordinator at the Patrick Henry Center.