Ryan James Girdusky

A liberal political action committee, Keep It Local North Dakota PAC has dumped nearly $600,000 in an effort to defeat Measure 2, outspending supporters of the measure by nearly 27 to 1. It’s funny that liberals don’t seem to rattle against money in politics when it works in their favor.

Their opposition stems from their belief that it will hurt the poor, single mothers, and children. This would seem counterintuitive because as property ownership would trigger more freedom and more job growth; something I always thought helps the poor and working class. Judging from the donations to the PAC opposing Measure 2, it seems it will hurt the National Association of Realtors who donated more than $100,000, the; National Education Association based in Washington D.C. which also gave $100,000; North Dakota Chamber of Commerce which donated $81,000; and the North Dakota Education Association contributed $75,000.

Other large donors included the North Dakota Public Employee Association, North Dakota Farmers Union, AARP, and Great River Energy and Basin Electric.

Obviously energy companies, the Chamber of Commerce, public employee unions and education associations are in it for the poor. After all if it wasn’t for obscene taxes on private property, surely anarchy would breakout in the streets; the zombie invasion has already started after all. It is a well-known fact to liberals that only property taxes that fund the police stand between everyday citizens and our faces being eaten by the zombies. It’s the model of states such as California that all others must follow in ensuring we find every possible area to tax in order to fund public institutions.

Liberals time and again have proven that they care about the poor as they do the unborn. The passage of Measure 2 should be as important to conservatives as was the recall of Governor Scott Walker. The measures would take a long-standing liberty argument and advance into the next great policy debate the way right to carry and parental consent were throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s. It is a winning issue for conservatives that should be more actively fought for. As former Texas gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina, who ran on the issue of abolishing property taxes said in a debate, “It is a freedom issue, the funny thing about freedom is it marches hand and hand with prosperity.”

Ryan James Girdusky

Ryan James Girdusky writes from New York City. He has been published in the Christian Science Monitor, The Daily Caller, The American Thinker, and World Net Daily. He is a contributor on the radio show "Living Truth with Gina Loudon."