Ryan James Girdusky

One male member of the MSA named Muhammad-, who giggled during footage of the Twin Towers falling, stood up and announced that if he had enough money, he would become a suicide bomber. The other members of the club stated that despite his remarks that he was their “brother.” The female members shouted down the club’s then-President, a Jewish woman. They made a series of hateful statements including, “the Holocaust did not exist”, “9/11 was an inside job”, “the Jews are to blame for all the wars in the world”, “We should stone the Jews to death”, “you can not criticize the Quran” and “You can not be an American and a Muslim”. To be fair, one and only one member of the MSA said publicly that she did not agree with her “sisters” on the last statement.

After the viewing, the College Republicans filed a police report on Muhammad. As sitting vice president of the club, I delivered a letter regarding the concern over the MSA, that they clearly held what I believed to be “anti-American” beliefs and the club was a possible breading ground for terrorists to the office of the College President, James Muyskens. I also very carefully explained that in a public college funded by taxpayers should not be funding such an organization. My letter and concerns were flatly ignored.

Days after the video incident, the MSA invited a controversial Imam, Siraj Wahhaj to speak in an event called, “How Islam Perfected Thanksgiving” – which, I should note, was not in the Charlie Brown Special. Authorities called the Imam an un-indicted coconspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombings. Mayor Bloomberg had previously discussed his regrets for bringing the Imam to speak at City Hall and yet Queens College and the MSA welcomed him with open arms.

I reported both the Queens College events to the New York Post, which covered the story. Facing bad press by a major national paper, the college administration blacklisted our organization, we were defunded, attacked in the school newspapers, and verbally assaulted and even higher members of the schools administration warned other clubs about being actively involved with members of our organization. We are called, “racists”, “bigots”, and “Islamaphobes”.

I became very well aware that the liberal college administration has a role to defend their ideology that diversity is always strength before they defended the best interests of the country.

Just weeks after the MSA brought the un-indicted coconspirator of a terrorist plot to speak on the college campus, the failed terrorist trio were arrested for their attempt to commit an act of terrorism. When The New York Times asked members of the MSA about the arrest of Medunjanin, he was described as “a really nice kid” and “a good guy.”

To this date the MSA is funded by New York City taxpayers and despite the College Republicans’ best efforts, we were defunded and disbanded as an organization. And despite being later proven correct in our intuitions, we were never apologized to by members of the college administration for blacklisting and public defamation of our characters. It is unknown if anyone previously reported suspicious activity by members of the MSA and after the public backlash against the College Republicans, it is doubtful that any people will in the future.

Queens College taught me one valuable lesson: diversity is our strength, unless it is diversity from the liberal administration.

Ryan James Girdusky

Ryan James Girdusky writes from New York City. He has been published in the Christian Science Monitor, The Daily Caller, The American Thinker, and World Net Daily. He is a contributor on the radio show "Living Truth with Gina Loudon."