Russell Pearce

First off, only a career Washington liberal would cite the IRS as an example of something which works and proof that states couldn’t do it better. But more to the point, SB-1070 doesn’t set immigration policy any more than it sets tax policy.

This fear campaign started by the White House, the media and the pro-amnesty groups that Arizona and other states would start trying to dictate new immigration laws is absurd and distracts from what SB-1070 actually does. In short, SB1070 empowers local and state law enforcement to protect their citizens from illegal aliens. And it does so not only in compliance with federal laws, but often written verbatim in concert with federal law.

Believe me, if we were changing immigration policy, America’s borders would be secure, voter ID would be mandatory to both register to vote and cast a ballot, and all employers nationwide would be required to use eVerify to guarantee they were hiring U.S. citizens or legal aliens. But SB1070 doesn’t do any of that, and no amount of posturing, or political theater, will change that fact.

In short, I left a few things for Congress to work on. To all members of Congress, including Senator Schumer, if you decide to get serious on stopping illegal immigration, you won’t be alone like I was in your subcommittee. But if you keep ignoring it, we’ll keep working in the states. I guarantee it.

Russell Pearce

Russell Pearce served as President of the Arizona State Senate where he authored SB 1070. He is currently president of Ban Amnesty Now.