Roy  Blunt

But while the majority pulled no punches in sketching out a future in which a broader, more expansive government replaces the wisdom of markets and people with the judgment of bureaucrats and politicians, Democrats remained eerily silent – conspicuously so – on what to do about our nation’s looming entitlement crisis. You see, as Yogi Berra might say, our population is getting older by the day. And it won’t be long until the number of Americans drawing funds from accounts like Social Security and Medicare first catches up to – and then far outstrips – the resources on hand to accommodate them.

The unfunded liabilities that currently wrack the Medicare and Social Security systems are scheduled to swell from $38.7 trillion today to $52.5 trillion in just five short years. But at a time and place when bold steps are needed to stem the tide of future entitlement growth and pull these programs back from the precipice of future insolvency, Democrats instead chose to whistle past the graveyard by producing a budget document that refuses to acknowledge there’s even a problem.

Though not putting forth a serious plan to address entitlement spending, Democrats had no trouble putting forth a plan to oversee the spending of more than $3 trillion of your money in the next year alone. Unfortunately, to finance that spending, they’ll have to find a creditor willing to fork over the more than $600 billion in revenue we don’t currently have – the single largest increase in the debt in our nation’s history.

When it comes to being a responsible steward of the economy, Congress needs to either lead by promoting a pro-growth economic agenda – or, better yet, get the heck out of the way. Unfortunately, this latest budget request makes plain that this majority is incapable of doing either.

Roy Blunt

As Whip, Congressman Roy Blunt is the second highest Republican in the House of Representatives and is responsible for corralling the votes necessary to advance the Republican agenda.

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