Ross Mackenzie

Well, at least you can't find anything to criticize in my foreign policy.

Sir, it is impossible to find anything to commend. Your "cheeseburger summit" with Russia's President Medvedev just blocks from an Arlington (Virginia) apartment rented by key members of a Russian deep-cover sleeper cell. Sending the indelicate vice-president to Iraq to inject himself into a highly delicate electoral situation. Antagonizing Israel -- our principal friend in the Middle East, and the only true democracy in a kakistocratic Islamic sea. Why do you do such things?


Government by the worst men, sir....And the inability of you and the esteemed secretary of state to get the Chinese to agree with us on anything -- even the North Korean sinking of a South Korean ship. Why? And then there's Iran.

I am doing everything anyone could do to explain to Iran that it should devote its developing nuclear capability to peaceful purposes. You should know by now that not only am I a proud progressive, I am a pacifist. It's hard for me even to think about war, let alone nuclear war.

Mr. President, with all due respect, Ahmadinejad and his Iranian ayatollahs hate America as much as they hate Israel. To them, we're all infidels -- and so are enemies of Islam to be rubbed out. They would enjoy their daily bread far more without us on the planet.

I am trying to engage them, to educate them. With enough time and diplomacy, I am confident --

Finally, sir -- what's up with you and your Democrats and the economy? Private hiring and non-farm payrolls have stalled; ditto even in the service sector. Housing starts and new-home sales remain in the tank. Consumers have the jitters. We may be looking at stagflation or a double-dip recession.

I place great stock in the fine economic mind of another Nobel Prize winner, Paul Krugman of Princeton and The New York Times. He thinks we need to ratchet up our spending. That's the same guidance I gave our global economic partners at the G8 and G20 conferences.

They rejected your "guidance," sir. And your man Krugman believes we are in the "early stages of a third Great Depression." If we are in those early stages, we arrived there by following precisely the high-spending policies he advocates. Just the other day, he wrote that here and around the world "the real problem is inadequate spending." Sir, it is to laugh.

I hope you're not laughing at the great Paul Krugman and the great me and our policies to spend and tax to get us out of this mess.

Sir, we have discussed here many seemingly unanswerable whys; there are countless others. The most pressing one among the many is why you and people like your mentor Krugman just don't get it. Or perhaps...perhaps you get it too well.

Ross Mackenzie

Ross Mackenzie lives with his wife and Labrador retriever in the woods west of Richmond, Virginia. They have two grown sons, both Naval officers.

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