Ross Mackenzie

Why not keep our commitments? Why not finish the job we started? Why not remain true to the honor and sacrifice of those who have fallen along the way - or did they in fact die for nothing, as the peaceniks say? Why not keep our eye on the ball that is the long-term liberty of mankind? End the engagement there and we'll be fighting the jihadists here. Better in Baghdad and Samarra than in Richmond and Des Moines.

Congress wouldn't invite terrorism here with a mere no-binding resolution. Why not send a message to the president that he's wrong?

Such a message to the president is a message to everyone - enemies and allies alike. These days it's all politics all the time. The Pelosis and Reids, the Obamas and Dodds and Bidens and Kuciniches and Edwardses and Clintons hunger for the White House - and they'll say anything, do anything, to get it.

Well, at least they won't cut funding for the troops.

Twice the Senate has failed to muster the votes for even a nonbinding resolution condemning the Iraqi mission, but just watch: Senate muckety-mucks insist they will try to limit the 2002 "authorization" they gave the administration in Iraq. Read reduce or cut off funds.

Yet that would be for the mission, not for the troops.

Don't kid yourself. The two are inseparable. Cut funding for bullets for our guys - no matter how you couch it - and inevitably you make it easier for the enemy to nail you. That may or may not meet your definition of cowardly and suicidal, but it certainly would update the dictionary definition of idiocy.

You don't have a whole lot that's good to say about this Congress, do you?

Not given the games it's playing with our troops in Iraq, with the future of freedom worldwide and with the very survival of you and your grandchildren - and mine.

Ross Mackenzie

Ross Mackenzie lives with his wife and Labrador retriever in the woods west of Richmond, Virginia. They have two grown sons, both Naval officers.

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