Ron Meyer

America’s youth misery index (average student loan debt [in thousands] plus youth unemployment) is at an all-time high, and the core of the liberal movement—the media and college campuses—are starting to blame the Obama Administration’s failed jobs policies.

Government spending, like the stimulus, takes productive money out of the private sector, stimulating the corruption-ridden government largess rather than creating real jobs. When the government permanently returns money to the private sector through tax cuts, businesses create real jobs and youth unemployment falls.

On August 12, Young America’s Foundation celebrated the 30th anniversary of President Reagan signing the largest tax cut in American history into law at the location where he signed the bill, Rancho Del Cielo in Santa Barbara, California.

After President Ronald Reagan’s historic tax cuts, America experienced its longest sustained period of economic growth ever, and youth unemployment dropped nearly five points in four years (1982 to 1986).

While the liberal media never gave credit to President Reagan, young people overwhelmingly supported his reelection campaign in 1984. Now that youth unemployment numbers have flipped, the media is beginning to do its job in showing that the Obama Administration is failing America’s youth.