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My recent book, The Man Who Killed Kennedy – the Case Against LBJ, makes a compelling case that Lyndon Baines Johnson was the lynchpin of a plot to murder President John F. Kennedy. The book made the New York Times bestseller list and was the #1 Book on The media establishment has not re-acted well to this important book. Among those who have attempted to discredit this controversial book is veteran "journalist" Hugh Aynesworth.

First a bit about Mr. Aynesworth then a stout defense of the case that Lyndon Baines Johnson had unique motive, means and opportunity to murder President John F. Kennedy and credible fingerprint evidence, and multiple eye-witness testimony tie a long time, proven LBJ hitman to the shooting from the Texas School Book Depository.

Hugh Aynesworth has been revealed by released government documents, to be a CIA media asset who in the 1960’s coordinated with the Johnson White House and the FBI and the CIA in covering up the JFK assassination. Aynesworth was also working hand in glove with Clay Shaw’s defense team in New Orleans to undermine New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison.

A document declassified by the United States in 1966 is a CIA report written on October 10, 1963 when J. Walton Moore, the head of the Dallas CIA Domestic Contacts Division, reported to the chief of the Contact Division on “the possibility of Hugh Grant Aynesworth making a trip to Cuba.” [4] In other words, one month before the assignation J. Walton Moore – the same CIA agent who had been meeting regularly with the accused assassin’s (Oswald’s) best friend/CIA handler George DeMohrenschildt, was also meeting with Hugh Aynesworth about going to Cuba.

Shirley Martin, a journalist and researcher, wrote a 1967 letter to Garrison about Hugh Aynesworth as Garrison was coming under savage CIA coordinated media attacks at that time. The CIA and the FBI had also both infiltrated Garrison’s office by this time

Her letter to Garrison is illuminating.

Dear Mr. Garrison:

I am so sorry that Newsweek chose Hugh Aynesworth to use in its rebuttal of you.

Roger Stone

Roger Stone is a legendary American Republican political consultant who has played a key role in the election of Republican presidents from Richard Nixon to Ronald Reagan to George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush.