Roger Schlesinger

The possibilities are endless when you're out to rescue that which is important to this nation.

I am only sorry we didn't have this national philosophy when there were some important, historic concepts that could have been preserved. History could have been kept alive instead of relegated to the dry books that are the hallmarks of libraries and places of public importance. Topping my list is the Pony Express, which remains first and foremost in the history of the western United States, regardless of the fact that it was in business for just about a year. We could have had horse paths right along the freeway with appropriate feeding stations at various on-ramps. The cost would be less than a night at the restaurant and Broadway play taken in by the first couple last weekend. Now that is what I call putting it in perspective!

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I bemoan the death knell of the Helms Bakery delivery that was a major joy of my youth.

In Southern California these brave Helms drivers toured the streets of most neighborhoods in a squat yellow truck that carried bread, cakes, cookies and other baked delights. They signaled you with a three or four valve whistle and everyone delighted in the fresh home delivery. One day they were gone, and the Helms Bakery became the Antique Guild.

There is no doubt in my mind that the trucks were the forerunner of the Smart Car and the concept was the beginning of fast food restaurants. I know they sold corn bread, so they could have converted that delight to ethanol and had the first green delivery. The whole concept could have been kept for less than a year's salary of the vice president's speech writer. The Helms whistle sounded better, the aroma was hands down the winner and the products went down easier than his speeches.

Roger Schlesinger

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