Roger Schlesinger

I personally believe humor can make the more mundane things in life a little more interesting and certainly there is nothing more mundane than the government giving away our future. What I am trying to point out is that we need a better measuring stick to understand the calamity that has been foisted upon the citizens of this great nation. The human mind, unless honed to a fine point, cannot deal with things that you can't imagine such as a trillion anything. Did you ever stop to think that maybe the politicians only wanted monies in the hundreds of billion dollar range but felt we could possibly understand those numbers? Therefore they added the appropriate amount of zeros until we all unilaterally threw up our hands and proclaimed "whatever'!

We, as a nation, have to get a grip while we still have something to grip. I have lamented over the fact that the largest of all the bills was passed without anyone reading it. Now I point out that they really didn't have to rush because it was incomprehensible anyway. On the other hand if you take small pieces of the bill, as the high speed train to Las Vegas for $8 billion, or as I named it the "Las Vegas Casino Recovery Act,” and realize it is 16,000 of those expensive houses, you begin to wonder. If each house had 4 people who resided there it would mean 64,000 people trying to get on the train. How easy is it to realize it doesn't work? At best only 1,000 people could ride at one time so they would have to make 64 trips a day. That would be one train leaving every 22 minutes. Realisticly you can only run 3 trains a day which would carry 3,000 people, which would mean you would only need 750 houses.

We all now know that 750 half-million dollar houses is $375,000,000 so what's going to happen to the $7,625,000,000 we were going to spend on this project. Can you guess, or do I have to paint you a picture?

Roger Schlesinger

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