Roger Schlesinger

I realize, more than people know, how weary the American public has become from the constant barrage of verbiage coming from all types of government officials. We have the executive branch and the legislative branch of all governments constantly giving us hope, as they see it, including the leaders of the federal, state, county and city governments.

No wonder it is ignored by most; it is non-stop and nonsense.

Getting back to the title of this piece, I have selected some of the favorite words and sayings that immediately identify the speaker as a politician. Before I begin, however, you need to understand the motivation of most politicians, which is to make laws that will help keep commerce moving, people safe and the economy growing. The fact that we have literally thousands of laws that are on the books that speak volumes to these subjects are irrelevant to the speaker. In their mind we always need one more that will clarify everything that has gone before. With the aforementioned in mind, my favorite word is "oversight." This of course means reviewing and responding to any information or actions which will affect an outcome you are responsible to achieve directly or indirectly. I believe we have enough oversight. What we lack is the personnel to understand what they are reviewing and reach the needed conclusion. Just look at what we have learned about the SEC and the Madoff case: even though the SEC was tipped off to what was going on they couldn't recognize it or stop it.

Next is "transparency," which is easily explained: playing poker with all cards face up. Anything short of that is transparency lite, or mini transparency, but not total and unequivocal transparency. There are many ways to reach transparency, none in my opinion that would work if you are interested in winning a war, catching terrorists, awarding government contracts, etc. If you still believe in the need for such a thing, we could start by finding out who blinked first, the President or Tom Daschle?

Roger Schlesinger

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