Roger Schlesinger

The thing we all look forward to with diminishing enthusiasm is getting older. When we are young, birthdays are exciting and newsworthy. As we become a "wee bit long in the tooth" is growing older, however, they become troublesome and are looked upon with dread. I myself looked forward to only 3 birthdays: My 13th because I was finally a teenager, my 21st because I was legal in all ways, if you catch my drift, and my 40th because I was told by my cousin who had a heart attack in his early 40's that you need to be 40 to survive a heart attack. He is still kicking at 70ish, and although I haven't the slightest idea if he was correct, I have long ago passed that age so who cares! That's it for birthdays other than my thought that if I was in decent health and of sound mind (as sound as my mind can be anyway) that 100 might be nice.

So as I am about to turn another year older (a Pisces for those who are interested), I am starting to think more about my situation, from health to finances and everything in between. Pete Rose is about six weeks younger than I am. I am fortunate to have had this type of thinking for twenty or so years, so the only thing wrong with this birthday is that the number is higher than it was last year. I am hoping that finally my golf score will be getting a bit lower as an offset.

My thoughts at this time are really not about me but about you. Do you keep checking the important things in your life as you age up? Good health is a blessing but it is also your own responsibility to ensure that it stays that way. Do you have the proper check-ups? When you do, do you listen to the doctor and do what he says? I confess that I don't always take all the tests he wants me to, but I follow a proper regimen. I routinely check my cholesterol, my skin (susceptible to skin cancer), my teeth, and my prostate, and then hope and pray for the remainder. I watch what I eat (and don't fret if I cheat on some desserts once in a while), and work out as much as I can. All of this is not easy, but I have a poster in my office that says "Growing older is not for sissies". And I tend to agree with the poster. Every one of us has an idea of what is good for us and what isn't, but I am afraid that too many people do not watch their health enough. That leads to a simple thought: It is cheaper to be healthy.

Roger Schlesinger

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