Roger Schlesinger

It's that time of year when everyone is wearing something new (well almost everyone) as Santa has fulfilled his rightful duties and delivered his packages with glee. We all have eaten too much, or again, most of us have eaten too much, and now, we are fat and happy and waiting for that magic countdown signaling the start of another year. Heck, I am going to take my lights down tomorrow as we are heading to Las Vegas for the New Years celebration. (I will not be gambling: See "You Want To Bet" 12-26)

Why is New Years so darn important to people? They simply just can't wait to start another year. I liked 2006 and 1993 and 1979 and a whole host of other years and "schools definitely out" on 2007. We know nothing about 2007 and won't have it basically figured out probably until September at the earliest. It will take a month or two to stop writing 2006 on your checks.

So what’s with all the hullabaloo....I for one do not know. One good thing is that there is no election this coming year so we won’t be subjected to those adds. The argument of who should play in the BCS National Championship in college football will be over and forgotten in a bout a month. Tiger Woods can get closer to be the undisputed best golfer in history and probably very soon be old enough to stop being called Tiger. We will have significant passing’s and more significant celebrity births. The stock market will set a new all time high and by mid year be in what I believe will be the "doldrums". Housing will slow a bit more early in the year and then start the short road back to where we left off about a year ago.

So the time is coming to sit down and do your New Year’s resolutions which are neither fun nor useful.

We will start with the need to lose weight, make more money, travel to more places, work less and play more (in my case golf). That’s it, consider them made. You can now release yourself from any more conscious thought until late 2007 when you will sit down and realize you didn’t do a thing but you can try again next year. The aforementioned resolutions are the average ones most Americans will make and also believe that they actually might happen. Yet, they aren’t really sure because they can’t imagine how they actually would be accomplished. We all know that setting a goal without a plan to get there isn’t going to work, but who said New Year’s resolutions need to succeed; they really only need to be set.

Roger Schlesinger

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