Roger Schlesinger

I can't imagine the first time that phrase was uttered by someone, and I can't help but think that it may have been as far back as Biblical times. Perhaps two young men were talking about running and one said he was faster than the other and the other one mentioned the now famous quote "Do you want to bet?" Look at what's happened since then! We have horse racing facilities, (as I sit down to bang out this article, Santa Anita is opening today). We have professional football teams, most started by then bookies who are now sportsmen. We have all types of other sports and sports arenas. All of these clearly led to a major business in gambling and even some major personalities such as the late Jimmy the Greek.

We have the gambling capitals of America, Las Vegas and Atlantic City. And based on their example, we since have created the gambling capitals of the world which are larger than all the physical casino's in the world: Internet gaming.

And while there are millions of stories about gambling I have found none which have been quite as ridiculous as my wife's. I believe it was 1998 or 1999 when we were at our Condo in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. I was out for a jog and when I came back she came downstairs saying that we had to get to the casino to place a bet. She had just watched the movie "Heaven can Wait" and said that she now understood that the L.A. Rams were going to win the Super Bowl. My wife has never gone with me or anyone to a football game, and I am not even completely sure that she has ever watched one in its entirety. The Rams, I informed her, weren't the L.A. Rams anymore, but the St.Louis Rams. She didn't care. I told her they had just came off a terrible season and probably wouldn't make the playoffs. She didn't care. We went and she bet $20 and got 50 to one odds and of course that was the year the Rams turned it all around with the help of Marshall Faulk and Kurt Warner and came within a couple of yards of losing the game. Okay, so they Won. And so did she--$1000.

Roger Schlesinger

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