Roger Schlesinger

Good news abounds everywhere as it is the time that Santa is making his list and checking it twice. The elves are hard at work and visions of great times are rolling through our brains. It's the "Holiday Season". What could be nicer? The postman bringing tons of goodies, from wonderful wishes in the cards, to the gifts we get from friends and family in distant places. Last but certainly not least, the weather starts emulating the Currier & Ives paintings of winter wonderlands. Let's face it, except for California and Florida, snow is falling…even in Seattle!

What comes to mind next is an old Charlton Heston movie, which I believe was called "Soylent Green". In the movie, he discovers the mystery of soylent green and proclaims "soylent green is people”. Unfortunately I discovered at too young of an age "Santa Claus is also people" – Us. My brother, who I still hold responsible for crushing the illusions in my life, told me the secret, and life was never as mystical again. (Actually I don't remember who told me, but he is a great and convenient scapegoat).

The stage is set. The play is about to begin. We are all ready for the time of our life and in a few short weeks it will be here. Food, beverage, gifts, laughter, family and just plain fun. You work your fingers off wrapping presents to make sure that they are perfect, you buy the food and make sure the meal is perfect and the action takes place and then it’s over! Hopefully somewhere along the line there was time for worshiping our maker, time to give charity to those who don't have all of our blessings, and some quiet moments to reflect on the wonders of our life. As you grow wiser you find this is the true meaning of the "Holiday Season". But alas I have strayed. Back to the bright lights, music and aromas of the season.

There is nothing like the month of December, and that's probably why it comes last. I remember when I was young, I saved the best on my plate until the end, and the best of the year, like my favorite food, also comes at the end. If we could stop there it would really be the most joyful time of the year by far. When I was in college I loved the break and the festivities, but lingering in my mind was the homework I needed to do and never found time, and the finals that were coming in January. And so, I must be the bearer of reality. January is the next month of the year and that's when it all becomes due. No one parties for free! Tickets to the year-end celebration have to be paid. The postman cometh! Are you ready?

Roger Schlesinger

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