Roger Schlesinger

The title, "Little Things Mean a Lot" was a great song in the 50's or thereabouts, and has a special place in most of our lives. When I was busy opening the presents in my house on a warm winter morning in late December (I was raised in Southern California), I remember my parents telling me "great things come in small packages". I needn't have to tell you that most of my packages were small, and most of my brother's were large.

When I was in high school the coaches would say "a little more effort and you will be playing first string". I gave them everything I had and in just three short years, they were correct. We were all told about little secrets, little crushes, and little white lies, and in the end it added up to a little fun, a little pain and a part of life I, for one, was ready to move past.

The problem I found is that little things are always popping up to screw up a perfect plan, a great golf game, the start of a long awaited vacation, a well anticipated raise at work and a myriad of other things we so hoped to enjoy. Some tend to blame these little inconveniences on Murphy's law, but I don't think Murphy had anything to do with the problem. I say it is just life -- something we all have to deal with.

Let's take a look at some of the little things that can affect you when it comes to my industry, the mortgage business. Consider the value of your home. At any given time, it can change based on the value of the properties that have sold in the neighborhood within the past three months. We compare them to your size and configured house: same square feet, same room count, same size lot and same amenities. The problem is not your house, but what sells in the neighborhood when you want to get the loan. You may have had the sufficient value based on houses that sold six months to a year ago, but those sales are too old to be allowed in the appraisal for value. If you had decided to act a few months earlier, you would have been okay. But today you may be a little too late. The appraisal isn't coming in at the needed value. How many times have I heard "I am only shy of the needed value because the comps are just a little old".

Roger Schlesinger

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