Roger Chapin

While all of this would seem to make good sense in light of the grave dangers we face, it will likely not happen given our present utterly naïve, incompetent and spineless White House, not to mention our allies’ distrust of Obama. As a consequence of his inability to act, what may very well happen is that Iran, anticipating an Israeli preemptive strike to destroy its nuclear facilities, will beat them to the punch. And fearing a U.S. retaliation, the Iranians will simultaneously launch an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack against ourselves – detonating a nuclear warhead some 300 miles above the center of our country. According to the head of the congressionally authorized EMP Commission, such an attack would knock out most or all of our electric grid system, indefinitely shutting off power and water, bring motorized transportation to a halt and paralyze our nation. The chairman of the Commission estimates 70 to 90% of the entire U.S. population would die from starvation or disease within one year!

If you think this could never happen, think again. The fanatical, messianically-driven, apocalyptically-minded zealots who terrorize Iran are fully prepared to sacrifice tens of millions of their own people, as did Mao, in order to, in their own words, “remove America from the world” and “annihilate Israel,” while paving the way for the establishment of a far-reaching Islamic Caliphate. This is already beginning to take shape as Iran, Turkey and Egypt draw closer together.

Also consider the prospect of Iran transferring nuclear weapons to Al Qaeda or other terrorist group who would then launch an EMP attack from a freighter off our coastline. How could we ever be sure who the actual perpetrator was?

Even in the absence of the above scenarios, imagine a nuclear armed Iran threatening Armageddon if the U.S. dared interfere with its attempted takeover of Iraq and the Persian Gulf oil states. Would we risk nuclear doomsday to avert our own possible economic strangulation?

Tragically, our nation has lost its nerve and its will to defend freedom at a time when our enemies are setting the stage for a confrontation of epic proportions that could well mean the demise of western civilization. In this life-and-death struggle there can be no middle ground, no halfway measures – we must choose between a path to victory or doomsday. And if our supposed allies in the Middle East will not cooperate, we must act unilaterally to ensure our own survival, taking whatever measures against them that may be necessary for mission success.

If all else fails to materialize, our best hope is the Israelis, for they have no other rational choice but to destroy Iran’s budding nukes. And to try and avert a follow-on blood bath sparked by an all-out Hezbollah/Hamas retaliation supported by Iran, Israel could itself recruit and train their own security force funded by selling “Secure Israel Bonds.” Upon attacking Iran, they could warn that any Hezbollah/Hamas retaliation would result in their extermination. To also discourage any Iranian involvement, Israel could threaten to nuke them in order to totally eliminate their retaliatory capability. Israel’s enemies must know that any attack against them would be suicidal.

America must wake up, for the doomsday clock is fast ticking. And the paranoid, leaderless, head-in-the-sand Republican opposition especially must wake up while there’s still time to sound the alarm well prior to the 2012 election – which may actually come too late. Even the potentially catastrophic consequences of our debt crisis pale in comparison to those posed by a nuclear armed Iran.

Never has the threat to our survival been greater and never has the national resolve to meet it been smaller. Who would have ever thought America could have sunk to such a sorry state.

Roger Chapin

Roger Chapin has had a distinguished and varied career in both the nonprofit and entrepreneurial worlds.