Robert Morrison

General George Washington headed the only organized military force in the new nation—the Continental Army. As he prepared to go to Annapolis to resign his commission to the Congress of the United States, wise men pleaded with him to seize the reins of government instead.

“I cannot act, the people must act,” His Excellency replied, spurning those suggestions.

“But, General, the people do not understand how serious the crisis is,” his advisers pleaded. “The people must feel an evil before they can see it,” George Washington replied.

Today, thank God, the people are feeling the evil. Americans see an administration and a Congress that wants to seize control of our health care, our banks, our automobile companies, our children’s college loans. We see arrogant federal agencies that proclaim carbon dioxide a pollutant, making every breath we take a subject of federal control.

This is not a “regime.” It is not illegitimate, even if its actions do threaten the legitimacy and independence of our country. This radical administration and this liberal Congress were installed by Americans exercising their right of suffrage. And these political officeholders can be removed by Americans exercising what Hamilton called “reflection and choice.”

Following the careful and deliberative processes laid out by the Constitution bequeathed to us by George Washington and the Founders, we can stop this liberal juggernaut dead in its tracks. With a new majority in the House of Representatives, we can remove the funds required to advance the radicals’ agenda. We can begin the restoration of limited government, and we can begin it next November 2nd.

There must be, as Lincoln said, no recourse from ballots to bullets. Republican government requires this commitment from us. Any talk of violence, any suggestion of going outside the Constitution, any threats against our fellow citizens must be condemned.

We do not need a second American Revolution. Washington has not failed. Liberals have failed. What we need is to show our strong support for the principles of Washington and the first American Revolution. We need to vindicate George Washington’s Glorious Cause. All of this rides on the results of November 2nd.

Robert Morrison

Robert Morrison is a senior fellow for policy studies at the Family Research Council.