Robert Knight

Posted April 28, 2015

On a host of electoral integrity issues, the liberal position can be summarized in two words: enable cheating. You think thats too harsh?

Posted April 21, 2015

Did someone explode a crazy bomb over America? Theres so much insanity afoot some serious, some silly that one has to wonder if the asylum doors popped open in the middle of the night and the inmates emerged as cultural and political leaders.

Posted April 14, 2015

In its latest attack on religious liberty, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) wants to force Roman Catholic organizations to provide contraception and abortions to unaccompanied immigrant children pouring over Americas southern border.

Posted April 09, 2015

It took a day or two, but the Intolerant Left managed to turn a tiny, Christian family-owned pizza parlor in Indiana into a useful face of hate. Nice piece of work, during Holy Week.

Posted April 02, 2015

As much of New England continues to dig out from late winters massive snowstorms, the climate change lobby is doubling down.

Posted March 25, 2015

Its not enough to propose liberal ideas. Eventually, you must use force against your fellow citizens if they dont embrace them. Coercion is at the heart of the liberal enterprise.

Posted March 19, 2015

As our republic reels under the Obama regimes lawlessness, its startling to see the Republican-led Congress show some backbone, at least in foreign policy with the glaring exception of illegal immigration.

Posted March 12, 2015

When the most basic truths and institutions are under relentless attack, it should hearten many to know that a gargantuan cultural counterstrike is taking shape in the shadow of the U.S. Capitol dome.

Posted March 05, 2015

No wonder Mitch McConnell skipped last weeks Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Hes too busy with his day job as Minority Leader of the United States Senate.

Posted February 26, 2015

Well, we can put to rest the notion that State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf committed a gaffe when she said that more jobs would keep Islamic militants from their genocidal mission.

Posted February 19, 2015

Its been a good couple of weeks for the truth. It always is when lies are found out.

Posted February 12, 2015

In 1973, National Lampoon put a dog on its cover with a gun to the animals head. The tongue-in-cheek headline was: If you dont buy this magazine, well kill this dog.

Posted February 05, 2015

Many of us have wondered how long it would be before a prominent official proclaimed that rogue federal judges, like the proverbial emperor, have no clothes and thus no authority to make up laws.

Posted January 27, 2015

And we thought Bill and Hillary were good at class warfare and stoking envy.

Posted January 20, 2015

The massacre in Paris by Muslim militants at the Charlie Hebdo magazine office was about much more than freedom of speech.

Posted January 15, 2015

What do far-left organizations have in common with Islamist lobbying groups?

Posted December 30, 2014

When it comes to assigning culpability for crimes by disturbed individuals, it depends on who the victims and perpetrators are.

Posted December 25, 2014

For his next directive, will President Obama merge Cubas socialist health care system with Obamacare?

Posted December 17, 2014

Just the threat of invoking liberal lawyers wrath is enough to send people packing.

Posted December 11, 2014

Given President Obamas increasingly dictatorial rule, its a good time to dust off some thoughts on despotism by Americas forgotten Founder, Thomas Paine.