Robert Knight

And what did IRS officials do with those donor lists? They subjected one in 10 donors to audits, “substantially higher than the average rate of 1 percent of average Americans who are audited each year.” Can you imagine the media coverage if union members were singled out at a 10 to 1 rate? Maybe the story is somewhere in the Post’s mulch pile.

The new information arose during a House hearing at which IRS Commissioner John Koskinen was told about the lists. So it was quite public.

Getting back to New York, the Gotham paper did quote House Speaker John A. Boehner, who said of the Benghazi select committee, “This is not going to be a circus.”

Democrats responded with mockery. “It is a circus,” said Rep. Jackie Speier of California. “Psychologists will tell you that when somebody says something is not, it clearly is.”

Well, you have to believe the psychologists. If so, the liberals’ insistence that neither Benghazi nor the IRS scandals are real scandals must make them … scandals.

Faced with a tide of unwelcome revelations, some liberals are donning ill-fitting fiscal conservative costumes. Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, Maryland Democrat, was horrified that the IRS has spent $14 million of taxpayer money on requests for documents. That would be chump change for President Obama’s golfing trip planners.

Mr. Cummings is one of the prime spreaders of the whopper that the IRS equally targeted liberals. And it’s worked. According to a new Media Research Center paper, “The Burying of a Scandal”:

“After a partisan report last June absurdly suggested that progressive groups were just as likely to be scrutinized as conservative ones, ABC, CBS and NBC essentially abandoned their coverage of the IRS targeting scandal which broke one year ago this week,” writes Rich Noyes.

With the notable exceptions of Nancy Cordes on CBS’s Evening News, and Norah O’Donnell on CBS This Morning, “the reality is that after this report, the broadcast networks essentially stopped covering the IRS scandal, as if all reasonable observers now agreed it was over.”

A 141-page staff report released on April 7 by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee clearly shows that the IRS had knives out only for conservatives: “For 15 months beginning in February 2010, the IRS systematically identified, separated, and delayed Tea Party applications — and only Tea Party applications.”

But, as President Obama said as late as February, and liberal spokesmen still insist today, there’s “not even a smidgeon of corruption,” just “bone-headed” decisions made in a “local office” of the IRS. Hey, if the psychologists are right….

It’s enough to make you paw through the mulch to see what else they’re hiding.

Robert Knight

Robert Knight is an author, senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a frequent contributor to Townhall.