Robert Knight

In his book Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department, Mr. Adams recalls Democratic operatives in Noxubee County who “visited black voters who had requested absentee ballots on the day the ballot arrived in the mail. Sometimes the operatives snatched the ballot out of the mailbox before the voter knew it arrived. Other times, ballots were sent to black residents who hadn’t even requested them….” At the polls, “assistors” hounded people, telling them how to vote.

Last fall, Mr. Adams and his former Voting Section boss, Christopher Coates, won two consent decrees on behalf of the American Civil Rights Union (ACRU) from two Mississippi counties – Walthall and Jefferson Davis – in the first privately filed lawsuits under the National Voter Registration Act (Motor Voter). The counties, which have more registered voters than eligible residents, agreed to clean up their rolls. The ACRU has since filed similar suits in two Texas counties – Terrell and Zavala.

Back in Ohio, along with Ms. Richardson, the vote fraud dragnet snagged a nun, Sister Marguerite Kloos, 55, of Delhi Township. A dean at the College of Mount Saint Joseph, she lost her job and was placed on probation, according to USA Today. There was also Russell Glassop, 76, of Symmes Township, who got probation for sending in his deceased wife’s absentee ballot in 2012.

A new report from Heritage Foundation scholars Hans von Spakovsky and Peter McGinley provides more recent examples of vote fraud:

  • An NBC station in Fort Myers, Florida, aired a report about many non-citizens it caught voting illegally.
  • California state Sen. Roderick Wright (D) was convicted of eight felony counts of voter fraud and perjury for acts committed in five different elections.
  • A criminal investigation in Iowa turned up 80 cases of potential voter fraud. Many recent legislative races in Iowa were decided by fewer than 100 votes, including 10 decided by fewer than 50 votes.
  • A similar report by a Philadelphia city commissioner in 2012 chronicled multiple instances of voter fraud through impersonation, double voting, and voting by non-citizens.

To all of this, the George Soros-funded Brennan Center at New York University, the Left’s election think tank, has a uniform answer: There are so few prosecuted cases of vote fraud out of millions of ballots cast that it makes no difference.

That’s like saying “there’s nothing to see here” if a home in a 1,000-unit residential development is burglarized. “After all, 99.9 percent of the homes were not robbed.” Every fraudulent vote steals a legitimately cast ballot.

A recent Rasmussen poll of “Likely U.S. Voters” shows that 78 percent favor voter ID laws that include proof of U.S. citizenship, with only 19 percent opposing that requirement. Other polls show broad support for voter photo ID, regardless of race or party.

When someone like poll worker Melowese Richardson is feted after being convicted of fraud, it strikes at the heart of election integrity – and self-government.

She’ll probably turn up next in Chicago, where she could go beyond poll work and get herself elected to something or other.

Robert Knight

Robert Knight is an author, senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a frequent contributor to Townhall.