Robert Knight

Wow. That’s a relief. We sure don’t mind if the guy down the street in the raincoat is getting “benefit” from the kind of porn that perps act out when they victimize women and children. As long as we’re making “choice” the litmus test, shouldn’t people who want to raise their kids in a decent community have any choice?

Not to Verizon, or to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The liberal group has attacked obscenity laws for decades, and still defends possession of child pornography. On its Blog of Rights, the ACLU recently featured an article by Linda Chateauvert, author of the book Sex Workers Unite: A History of the Movement from Stonewall to Slutwalk. She begins: “Do sex workers have rights? Put another way, can whores, hustlers, strippers, streetwalkers and porn stars demand respect and justice?”

Well, yes. As human beings created in the image of God, they deserve respect and justice. But that doesn’t mean that selling one’s body is a good thing. It also does mean the victims have exercised free choice. Often, they are beaten and drugged to force them to “perform.” Sex trafficking of women and children is part of the worldwide modern slavery plague of human trafficking. It’s a pipeline to dependency on evil men who exploit the vulnerable. This now includes some Fortune 500 executives.

Jesus famously rescued a woman caught in adultery who was to be stoned to death by a mob. He suggested that any man who has not sinned should cast the first stone. After all the men left, starting with the oldest, Jesus told the woman to “go and sin no more.” That’s the part that libertines leave out when they twist Jesus’s compassion into a free ticket to Sodom and Gomorrah.

For more than 200 years, America’s laws reflected the biblically-derived understanding of sex – that it belongs in marriage, and that outside that haven, it causes much grief. Family-centered, self-governing Americans created the freest and most prosperous nation in history.

Although sometimes it feels as if America suddenly got hit by a tsunami from hell, the wave got its start in an earthquake at Indiana University in the late 1940s. That’s when Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey launched his fraudulent sex studies of men and women and laid the “scientific” foundation for the sexual revolution that took off in the 1950s and rumbled through the drug-addled ‘60s. By the time it lurched into the ‘70s, the sexual revolution had conquered or wounded all institutions that transmit cultural values.

The sexual revolution, beloved of liberals who still think America is too prudish, has reduced our country to a land where a massive media company can wrap films like “Pigtail Teens Pounded” (real title on Verizon) in the red, white and blue flag of consumer choice.

If we end up living in a land where shame has no place, we will be ashamed of where we live.

Verizon is a communications company. Eric H. Holder, Jr. is Attorney General. Maybe it’s time we communicated something about the new slavery to them.

Robert Knight

Robert Knight is an author, senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a frequent contributor to Townhall.