Robert Knight

SWATing is just one of the nastier tricks played by the intolerant Left, which increasingly employs smears and intimidation.

In early May, The Chronicle of Higher Education fired author and blogger Naomi Schaefer Riley for opining that some black studies dissertation topics were “a collection of left-wing victimization claptrap.” Thousands of liberal academics signed a petition demanding her firing, which the Chronicle dutifully did after holding out for a few days.

In April, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which represents conservative state legislators, was attacked by former White House “green jobs czar” Van Jones and his Color of Change movement. ALEC had posted on its website model voter photo ID legislation, which Jones’ group describes as an attempt to “disenfranchise over 5 million people in the upcoming elections.” ALEC soon caved and removed the post after losing corporate sponsors including Coca-Cola, Mars, Wendy’s and Kraft.

A union front group, Change to Win, then began bullying health insurer Wellpoint over, among other things, its support of ALEC.

The Center for Political Accountability, run by Democratic operative Bruce Freed, is promoting “transparency” so that businesses contributing to conservative causes can be hounded and boycotted, as Target was over its support for a Republican gubernatorial candidate who favored traditional marriage. This is the corporate version of the smear campaign against people who donated to California’s Proposition 8 marriage amendment in 2008. Leftwing activists posted a Google map with donors’ names and addresses, inviting harassment. Vandalism, firings and some terror incidents conducted against the Mormon Church followed.

Jackboot leftist tactics have reached even the therapist’s couch.

In California, the legislature is weighing a bill (SB 1172) making it a crime for concerned parents to take a confused child under 18 to a therapist to reinforce the child’s gender identity. There is also a nationwide movement to criminalize pro-straight counseling. Dr. Robert Spitzer, an architect of the 1993 removal of homosexuality as a disorder in the psychiatric diagnostic manual, did his own study of ex-gays in 2003, in which he concluded that some people could change their orientation. A former hero of the Left, he was terrorized, ostracized and hounded until he did a partial mea culpa a few weeks ago.

“He had been attacked so violently on account of his study that he had nearly broken down emotionally. …” writes Dr. Gerard van den Aardweg, author of many books on homosexuality. “I understood hell had broken loose against him. I thought: and this is ‘free’ America, where a good-intentioned, humane psychiatrist is stoned for having the courage to publish a careful study with a very careful conclusion that merely calls into question the gay dogma of irreversibly programmed homosexuality?”

In March, the Obama Administration threatened to bankrupt Catholic hospitals if they wouldn’t violate their beliefs regarding contraceptives, abortifacients and sterilization. To some people’s surprise, the Catholic hierarchy hit back with multiple lawsuits, a spectacular story ignored by the “mainstream” media.

Massachusetts Democrat Rep. Jim McGovern is going for the gold medal of leftwing censorship. He is sponsoring the Orwellian-named “People’s Rights Amendment,” which would undo the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling and strip “all corporate entities—for profit and non-profit alike” of freedom of speech. The First Amendment? As co-sponsor and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would say, “Are you serious?”

As the political Left faces a bruising comeuppance in November, leftist bullies are going for outright control of what’s said, written and done.

SWATing is only the ugly tip of very large iceberg. The cure for the Left’s bullying is to expose, confront, and throw the scoundrels out.

Robert Knight

Robert Knight is an author, senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a frequent contributor to Townhall.