Robert Knight

This contrasts with the Washington Times’ Commentary section the next day, which ran three pro-Reagan pieces on its front page, two of which summarized the new report about Mr. Reagan’s economic and domestic policies from the Carleson Center for Public Policy titled “The Reagan Resolve.”  One of them, by former Attorney General Edwin Meese III, reminded us that Mr. Reagan succeeded because he applied timeless economic principles.

Getting back to the Sunday Post, the Metro section had a four-column, color photo feature on – what else – the Post’s favorite “cause.”  The photo was of two lesbians raising children, and the story was about the District of Columbia’s plunge into miseducating schoolchildren in the name of stopping bullying. The headline over the photo was, appropriately: “Redefining Family.”

If that wasn’t enough of a shot at marriage, an article from Slate in the Post’s business section was headlined:  “How a boom in divorces could boost the economy.”

The writer, Matthew Yglesias, made the case that a recovering economy will lead to more marital break-ups as couples feel they can afford to get a divorce. Others might lament this collateral damage from prosperity, but not Mr. Yglesias. Here’s his last paragraph:

“And each new household carries with it not just a home, but appliances, furniture and other durable goods. An income boost, in other words, could create a wave of household formation that drives nationwide incomes even higher. That’s why I, at least, will be rooting for more marriages to fail in 2012.”

Oh happy days.

Going back to Outlook, the lead article was: “Romney is the right’s cup of tea after all.”

Mind you, this was before Rick Santorum’s decisive victories two days later in Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota. But before that reality check, writer Theda Skocpol was able to assure us that “the former governor is the tea party’s stealth candidate.”

Somebody had better tell the Tea Party who the Post thinks should be their favorite candidate, because they don’t seem to have gotten the memo.

Now, please excuse me. I have to wash some ink off my fingers and roll up a certain paper for use in the fireplace.  Ah. That’s more like it.

Robert Knight

Robert Knight is an author, senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a frequent contributor to Townhall.