Robert Knight

How about the Muslim nations in the Gulf, who still provide the United States with a critical amount of oil despite the U.S. Department of Energy’s steroidal growth since Jimmy Carter created it in 1977 to, among other things, free us from oil dependence? That was their job, remember? Billions and billions of dollars later (2011 budget: $28.4 billion, plus billions from the Recovery Act), we are still terrified by talk of the Iranians blockading the Strait of Hormuz.

Let’s not forget the environmental extremists who lobbied hard to kill the pipeline and threatened to leave their Green Savior in the dust come November if he bucked them. Those Earth Firsters’ and Sierra Clubbers’ donations will continue flowing into Obama’s already fat coffers. Meanwhile, it may not be so good for the environment.

Apprised of the decision on Wednesday, Alberta Premier Alison Redford summed things up nicely:

“Today’s decision does not mean that America will consume one less barrel of oil. What it means is this: America will continue to import oil from jurisdictions with much weaker environmental policies and who do not share the same values as Canadians and Americans.”

I’ve thought of only one good thing so far that could result from killing the pipeline: Legions of Occupy Wall Street protesters just might leave their filthy squatter encampments in our cities and gather in coastal areas to watch the seas subside as Obama promised. Sorry about you coastal home dwellers. Welcome to our world.

Obama’s reckless disregard for America’s needs particularly pleases his socialist friends in Europe, who have long thought that America needs a comeuppance. They’ve been cheering his every treacherous action against his own country, and this one’s a doozy. It might not please the Russians, however, whose own burgeoning oil and gas industries will face competition from Canada. But you can’t please everyone. Maybe it will be enough for the Russians that Obama is dismantling our military before our very eyes.

By the way, if you criticize Mr. Obama for any of this, you must be a racist.

I prefer being an optimist, and thinking that things will turn out okay even while watching pipelines being killed, gasoline prices rising and Republican presidential hopefuls providing enough sound bites to fill a thousand Obama campaign ads in November.

Actually, we’ve been getting used to watching horrors for three years as the Obama Administration has manfully undertaken the task of turning America into a Constitution-free, third world country in need of international adult guidance.

What’s next – banning shipping on the Great Lakes in order to save a rare species of lichen that grows on the underside of littered Dr. Pepper cans? Closing the nation’s airports to let muskrats and prairie dogs cross the runways in peace? How about blowing up Hoover Dam to “liberate” the Colorado River?

One thing’s for sure. Energy is not going to get cheaper anytime soon. And that must put a smile on the face of leaders in certain places where women can’t drive, Jews are demonized and converts to Christianity are beheaded.

Robert Knight

Robert Knight is an author, senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a frequent contributor to Townhall.