Robert Knight

The NLRB issued orders not only halting South Carolina’s voter-approved measure to preserve secret ballots in union elections, but tried to close a brand new Boeing factory and move it to union-shackled Washington State. Just the other day, the Justice Department ordered South Carolina to halt enforcement of its photo ID law that discourages voter fraud.

You can almost see them sitting around in the White House, exclaiming, “What will it take to provoke South Carolina into bombarding Fort Sumter again? Should we outlaw barbecue, golf, Krispy Kreme donuts and mint juleps? Ha ha ha.”

The Obama Administration’s lawlessness is becoming so obvious that nearly everyone outside the so-called mainstream media has caught on. Many Americans are appalled, but hard-core leftists are delighted. They regard the Constitution as a sham document that enables an oppressive, racist, sexist, homophobic society of the rich to oppress college students.

They give a pass to Hollywood moguls, of course, and they do think it’s great fun to misquote the Constitution’s religious freedom guarantee while going about scrubbing the public square clean of America’s Christian heritage.

You almost have to admire Obama’s audacity, which he warned us about in his autobiographies. He openly trashed the U.S. Supreme Court last January during his State of the Union address, knowing the justices who were present could not respond to his bald-faced mischaracterization of their ruling striking down the odious McCain-Feingold muzzling of political speech.

He told us that he wanted the United States to get along better with other nations, and then sent Hillary Clinton abroad to lecture them on their stubborn resistance to abortion, homosexuality and global warming extremism.

He said he wanted to be a healer, bringing the races together. But he appointed an attorney general whose hobby, when not sharpening needles for South Carolina, seems to be stirring up racial animosity and trying to frame Texas gun dealers.

Obama’s piece de resistance, though, was ramming the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as ObamaCare, down America’s throat while assuring us that we can keep our current health insurance. The lies, evasions, backroom deals and front room bribes could fill a dozen books.

When ObamaCare was being debated, the Administration insisted that the individual mandate was not a tax. After more than half the states sued to halt this unconstitutional mess, Obama’s lawyers told courts that it was a tax after all. Apparently, the previous claim became “inoperative.”

If the Constitutional order is not restored, and ObamaCare is not struck down or repealed, enemies of the state, such as older people who refuse to go gently into the night, might routinely start hearing scarier things than lies, such as:

“That patient is now inoperative.”

Robert Knight

Robert Knight is an author, senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a frequent contributor to Townhall.