Robert Knight

President Obama needs to reinvent reality, so where does he go? A college campus.

And why not? With gas doubling in price toward $4 a gallon, what better place to talk energy than to back-packing cyclists at trendy, urban Georgetown University? It’s a far friendlier crowd than, say, one composed of truckers, commuters or laid off workers.

Besides, the last time Obama spoke at Georgetown, on April 14, 2009, college officials complied with a White House request to cover up pesky Christian symbols behind the presidential podium. Georgetown is a very friendly place for the O Force.

Truth be told, Obama could pick almost any campus other than Hillsdale, Liberty or a few others and feel right at home. Most students are primed to have their ears tickled about what a great future they’re going to have if only the government gets bigger and more powerful.

Since their first day in class, they’ve been pounded by leftwing professors to believe that liberation consists of succumbing to their vices and that any residual unhappiness is the work of evil Republicans or the evil Tea Partyers, who don’t want the nice government to make everyone rich.

Obama gave his energy speech at Georgetown on March 30 and received repeated ovations. He stopped short of claiming to have calmed the seas, probably because of Japan’s tsunami. But he did claim with a straight face to be clearing the way for more oil drilling in the U.S. Remember, it was just last month that he was looking forward to the day when Americans would import oil from wells offshore from Brazil.

The speech served up progressive approaches to save the planet with windmills, toy cars (“one million electric vehicles on our roads by 2015”), and generators hooked up to millions of people playing Angry Birds on their iPhones.

Just kidding about the Angry Birds. The top-selling app in the world (100 million downloads), the addictive bird video game was developed without government grants. Not a useful example in any case for a president who extols the idea that all good things come from government’s hand.

The real and tragic irony is that Mr. Obama is most popular among the people to whom he is inflicting the most damage. They voted for him in higher numbers than any other age demographic because he was “cool.” And what did they get for this?

Students and parents seeking to borrow for college are now denied a private option, with Uncle Sam taking over all federally-backed student loans courtesy of sleight-of-hand in the Obamacare bill.

The Department of Education is harassing for-profit colleges like Phoenix and Strayer, which provide useful courses for prospective employees, particularly young people without a standard college degree.

Robert Knight

Robert Knight is an author, senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a frequent contributor to Townhall.