Robert Knight

President Obama went back to the radical bullpen for his second Supreme Court nominee. Solicitor General Elena Kagan, former dean of Harvard Law School, is a legal activist who tried to boot recruiters off Harvard’s campus because of the military’s homosexuality policy.

Some observers thought D.C. Circuit Judge Merrick Garland might get the nod, since he drew favorable comment as a “reasonable” choice to succeed John Paul Stevens. But President Obama is not into “reasonable.” As a student of agitator/activist Saul Alinsky, he prefers to be “in your face.”

Michelle Malkin

While Kagan did some outreach to the conservative Federalist Society at Harvard, she also carries some baggage: no judicial experience, a pro-homosexual agenda and, yes, a mysterious “sexual orientation.” The liberal media are going to have a tough time selling her as a “mainstream” nominee. As Solicitor General, she has worked to undermine the military ban and also the Defense of Marriage Act, which is why the Human Rights Campaign, the largest gay pressure group, issued a press release hailing her nomination. Marriage defender Maggie Gallagher bluntly wrote on May 10, “A vote for Kagan is a vote for Gay Marriage.”

Mr. Obama’s legal appointees to the courts and federal agencies comprise radicals who support an unlimited federal government, a “living Constitution,” racial and sexual entitlement, contempt for American security and the elevation of foreign opinion over that of American lawmakers. Miss Kagan fits right in.

Here are some of the lawyers that Mr. Obama has appointed:

Goodwin Liu to the Ninth Circuit. In March, 42 of California's 58 district attorneys signed a letter urging the Senate Judiciary Committee to reject Liu, a UC Berkeley law professor, stating, “his views on criminal law, capital punishment, and the role of the federal courts in second-guessing state decisions are fully aligned with the judges who have made the Ninth Circuit the extreme outlier that it presently is.” Outlier is the polite word for “joke.”

Robert Knight

Robert Knight is an author, senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a frequent contributor to Townhall.