Robert Knight

3)      The bullying was instigated by openly homosexual city solicitor Romulo Diaz, Jr. whose successor, Shelley Smith, has adopted Mr. Diaz’s penchant for bullying, along with creative explanations: “We’re not punishing them for not admitting homosexuals, but they can’t get free rent and violate our (nondiscrimination) policy,” she was quoted in

4)      It might drive a wedge between two liberal constituencies – wealthy homosexual donors and minority groups. A lot of the Scouts are inner city kids.

5)       It might wake people up to the fact that the Left is advancing its radical sexual agenda under cover while the media are fixated on reporting bad news about the economy, the war in Iraq, and anything they can dig up on the Bush Administration.

Recent surveys have shown that most Americans think that the fiscal and war issues will take precedence over social issues such as abortion and same-sex “marriage” in the upcoming presidential campaign. The media are delighted to report this, over and over.

The survey results are not surprising given that gas is $4 a gallon and that the media refuse to cover crucial cultural battles such as Philadelphia’s attempt to stiff-arm the Boy Scouts.     

Let’s recap and amplify:

--Big city bullies tell Boy Scouts they are about to lose their 80-year-old headquarters that they built themselves and deeded to the city in exchange for an annual $1 lease “in perpetuity.”

--The Scouts have until Saturday (May 31) to pay $200,000—or else.

--The Boy Scouts file a civil rights lawsuit.

Sounds like a story to me.

Robert Knight

Robert Knight is an author, senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a frequent contributor to Townhall.