Robert Knight

Over on CNN, in a rant that is less surprising than Gerson’s remark, commentator Jack Cafferty played the bigot card on March 17, as reported by

How is this different than John McCain chasing after Pat Robertson or the late Reverend Jerry Falwell, who talk about how we have a culture of murdering unborn children in this country and that we've turned into Sodom because we coddled the gay community in this country? I mean, to me, that stuff is considerably more offensive than decrying racial violence and intolerance in this country, which members of the black community have some firsthand knowledge of.

Gerson and Cafferty are not alone in using crude caricatures of Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson. Maybe this is some folks’ way of appearing more enlightened than the knuckle-draggers who still defend sexual morality. Similar cheap shots have surfaced in far more conservative venues than The Washington Post.

The next time you see this happen, just shake your head and say, “Yup. It’s another Gersoning.”

If it happens on TV, you can say, “Yup. That person’s being Caffertyed.

Or, if you prefer:

“It’s another high-tech Gersoning.”

On second thought, forget it. I never did like name calling, just accurate descriptions.

As a Christian who also errs, I don’t think Mr. Gerson or Mr. Cafferty are beyond redemption at all for their stunningly unfair comments about my friend Jerry Falwell.

But they might want to apologize to the Rev. Falwell’s family and to Rev. Robertson and his family, not to mention the Thomas Road congregation, the Liberty University community and to the Rev. Robertson’s many viewers and supporters.

Robert Knight

Robert Knight is an author, senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a frequent contributor to Townhall.