Robert Knight

DEAR HORRIFIED: It’s neither new nor necessarily low. I have never condemned nudity—as long as it’s on the up and up. And while I might hesitate to grin and bare it (all), scores of wholesome people from many cultures enjoy the naturalist way of life. (August 2001)

In August 2006, a woman wrote that she was shocked to see a six-foot-tall man in a wig and dress in the ladies room. Abby tells her to chill:

DEAR BEWILDERED: … Before a transsexual is allowed to have gender reassignment surgery, he or she must live for one year in the role of someone of the opposite sex. This includes using the restroom facilities of the opposite gender. It is not against the law, and it was no threat to you.

Abby vigorously supports homosexual adoption. In a 1999 column, she advises an 18-year-old who has “lived with a gay man since I was 6” to “tell your friends exactly what you told me—that he is your mother, father, aunt, uncle, counselor and – most of all— your best friend.”

Abby has been remarkably easy on porn. When a mother wrote her in November 2002 concerned about her daughter operating “soft porn” Web sites, Abby told her:

DEAR LOVING MOTHER: You and your daughter have very different moral values. While it’s against your principles, what she’s doing is legal. She has built a successful business and wants you to respect what she has accomplished. …try to accept that this is a choice she has made, and focus on her positive qualities. She’s bright, sweet and loving, not to mention a whiz at business.

Abby is unabashedly “pro-choice.” In March 2000, her column “Life Makes Grandma Pro-Choice” related the horrors of illegal abortions and happy outcomes from “terminated” pregnancies. Here’s the takeaway message from Grandma:

DEAR ABBY: ….The key word is “choice.” Only the girl or woman should make the decision to have an abortion or carry the pregnancy to term and keep the child or place the baby for adoption. The decision should NOT be up to self-righteous, ambitious politicians.

DEAR GRANDMA: Right on. Only the individual knows how much she can handle, and the decision should be hers to make. The key word, indeed, is “choice.”

The bottom line? When it comes to sex, Dear Abby is no friend of the family.

Robert Knight

Robert Knight is an author, senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a frequent contributor to Townhall.