Rick Santorum

--"My American dream? To not have to fear for whatever my daughter's future holds. Will she be free? Will she have opportunities? When I'm not around to help and protect her, will there be a moral and just environment in which she can live and raise her own family?"

--"My dream for America is that we will love liberty more than government programs. And rather than working for income equality -- that we would be champions of economic freedom and opportunity. My dream for America is that our spiritual values would be respected -- that our conscience would not be violated by a domineering and out-of-control government. What I plan to do is pray, vote and let my voice be heard."

--"To be able to provide for my family and friends while helping my community. I want to have a happy family that I can provide for in the house that my father raised my sister and me in. I want to help my community grow and prosper like it used to."

--"My American dream is for my children and my grandchildren to enjoy the God-given freedom America has been blessed with. But, unlike today's cultural definition of 'freedom' -- a freedom that encourages licentiousness and hedonism -- my American dream is that our nation will return to the Judeo-Christian principles that made it exceptional. I cannot envision any path back to greatness that does not include a revival, of sorts, of virtue. And frankly, I do not wish to live in an America that is economically prosperous, but morally bankrupt."

These dreams, I think, capture the sentiments of many of us. These are not dreams of fantastic wealth or living in the lap of material luxury. What these folks want -- what we all want -- are basic freedoms protected and beliefs restored in the rewards of hard work for ourselves and our families.

Thank you for sharing your dreams. They keep us going.

Rick Santorum

Former Senator Rick Santorum is the author of Blue Collar Conservatives: Recommitting to an America That Works.

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