Rick Santorum

I have invited many members of both parties and chambers to participate in this dialogue and I am optimistic that many of my colleagues will take time to share their thoughts on these pressing subjects. In addition to my Congressional colleagues, we will be hearing from Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, and Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom John Hanford, who are on the frontlines of the United States' push for freedom around the world and uniquely qualified to speak to the issues we will be addressing.

Though freedom's spread is often despairingly slow and arduous, it is the calling of our time. As President Ronald Reagan understood and President George W. Bush repeatedly articulates, freedom is not an American conception to be replicated, but a universal human desire. As long as freedom's flame burns abroad, freedom's soldiers in America will fight.

I am privileged to welcome to Capitol Hill those who have made the freedom of others the mission of their lives. I hope the Congress will heed their collective wisdom, be encouraged by their lives, and respect them enough to not merely listen politely to their recommendations, but to take the actions necessary to sustain the fight for freedom's advance.

Rick Santorum

Former Senator Rick Santorum is the author of Blue Collar Conservatives: Recommitting to an America That Works.

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