Rick Berman

But the push for labor reform won’t go away because bad behavior on the part of unions affects all of us. When labor leaders perpetuate a corrupt political system and deny workers the ability to control their own destiny, the economy suffers right along with employees. It’s the worst of both worlds: less take-home pay for workers and less productivity for America’s economy – and more cronyism in the private sector.

The ERA would revolutionize this obsolescent regime. Unions would have to get member approval before spending member dues money on candidates or political parties. They’d have to extend to their members the same secret-ballot franchise that all citizens enjoy in the voting booth. And they’d have to face the same steep penalties as bad employers if they interfere with employees’ right to select their own representative.

Arab countries that lack a long tradition of healthy civil institutions might struggle to make good on democracy’s great promise. In America, we shouldn’t have to face similar problems.

Rick Berman

Rick Berman is the President of Berman and Company, a Washington, D.C.–based public affairs firm specializing in research, communications, and creative advertising.