Rich Tucker

Of course, sometimes that doesn’t work out well. California is going broke while Texas is booming. But that’s the point. Every state has the ability to adopt Texas’ successful policies, or California’s failing ones. As Michael Greve wrote recently, “Overtax or over-regulate your citizens or firms, and they move to a more hospitable state.”

3)The Constitution creates a national free-trade zone.

Again, this may seem too obvious to note. You don’t have to stop when driving across a state border and declare what’s in your trunk. And companies are free to set up in one state yet sell goods in others. But it was the Constitution that made the U.S. the first continental free-trade zone.

4)Our Constitution protects civil society.

By limiting the power of government and establishing the rule of law, the Constitution creates a framework for a vibrant civil society.

Across the country, civil institutions such as churches and charities exist to allow Americans to help each other. Americans lead the world in volunteerism and charitable giving, in part because of our religious freedom, and in part because we recognize that individuals generally do a better job of helping others than governments do. Because the Constitution limits government power, people step up to fill gaps and provide for needs.

The Constitution is the key to our nation’s future. It remains rare – as the document in Philadelphia is, and ubiquitous. Both revered and misunderstood. May it endure for another quarter century. At least.

Rich Tucker

Rich Tucker is a communications professional and a columnist for