Rich Tucker

Life is better for American pets, in fact, than it is for many humans around the globe.

Atlantic magazine notes that’s more than we spent buying Starbucks and bottled water. Combined. Frighteningly, that’s more than the value of everything produced by everyone in Uruguay that year. The United States is wealthy beyond imagination. It’s a great place to be a dog, and an even better place to be a human.

For example, American pets can not only fly, some travel even better than first class. At least one company offers pets charter flights on private jets. When they pass on, many are buried in one of 700 pet cemeteries nationwide. Members of the family, indeed.

Of course, the trend in pets mirrors the trend in American life generally. Bureaucracy abounds everywhere. For example, where it used to be fairly easy to start and run a business, today’s entrepreneurs often find themselves tangled in reams or red tape. From ObamaCare to Dodd-Frank, from the EPA to the IRS, businesses large and small are being smothered in bureaucracy. No wonder the economy is struggling to add jobs.

So you’re free to spoil your dog. No harm there. For our part we plan to give Daisy plenty of TLC, even if she has to ride in the car instead of a plane. Still, she’s no child -- we’ve got enough of those already.

But there’s plenty we could do to make this a better country for humans. Let’s get to work cutting bureaucracy, and getting people back to work.

Rich Tucker

Rich Tucker is a communications professional and a columnist for