Rich Tucker

Of course, there’s an easy way to increase America’s food supply: stop burning it. Some 40 percent of our corn crop is diverted to ethanol instead of being eaten by humans and livestock. The fault isn’t with the environment -- our corn crops are plentiful. The fault is with the government’s policy, as former President Bill Clinton noted recently. “[W]e have to become energy independent, but we don’t want to do it at the cost of food riots,” he told reporters.

Oh, and speaking of fuel, Tidwell also brags about his $1,000 generator. He bought it because, “My solar panels, by themselves, can't power my home.” That, of course, is the problem with solar panels. And windmills. And geothermal energy. Those sources are never enough, and need to be bolstered by old fashioned electricity.

Well, that generator will require gasoline to operate. Assuming Tidwell is willing to unlock his doors long enough to leave his home and pull the cord to start the generator, he’d still need to be able to buy fuel for it. That means he’s assuming that at least some portion of our economy -- the segment that refines oil into gasoline and delivers it to stations for him to drive to and purchase -- will still be working after his ecoapocalypse erupts.

He finishes with some bold predictions. “Our trees are going to keep falling in ways we've never seen before,” Tidwell writes. “And our power will keep going out, no matter how many ‘service improvements’ Pepco makes.” Well, yes. Unless the power company cuts down all the trees that hang over power lines or buries all its wires.

“Our streets are going to flood. Our neighborhood bridges will wash out. Our roofs will sag from freak snowstorms and bake from unimaginable heat,” he adds. Since he’s being so bold, I’ll try to match him. First, I predict the world will continue to exist after May 22. That one is easy.

Next, I’ll predict that humanity will still be thriving for decades, even centuries, to come. Human ingenuity has generated a better life for a growing number of people for dozens of generations. Unless we lock ourselves indoor to hide from imaginary crises, human ingenuity will continue to thrive, decades after Tidwell has unloaded his generator on Craigslist.

Rich Tucker

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