Rich Tucker

For a glimpse of federalized health care, read on. “The federal government’s unprecedented campaign to protect the nation against the swine flu pandemic has gotten off to a sputtering start, frustrating parents, pregnant women and others anxious to get immunized against the new virus,” began a story in The Washington Post on Oct. 23.

Ah, but things are certain to get better. “Federal officials defended the program Thursday, saying they were frustrated by the slower pace, too,” the story continued. “They blamed the lag on the need to ensure the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness and unexpected problems such as the virus growing unusually slowly and snags at factories filling vials with vaccine.”

So let’s review: The federal government is overwhelmed by its attempts to provide one vaccine against one disease. That alone should be argument enough against the so-called “public option,” which would put Washington in charge of the entire health care system.

Let’s flip back to Newsweek, where the magazine’s editor insists President Barack Obama is no liberal. “A Democratic president who is not pushing for mandated universal health care and has no apparent interest in engaging issues of gay marriage and gun control is not the traditional liberal’s long-expected messiah,” writes Jon Meacham in the Nov. 2 issue.

But Obama has said he wants a single-payer system. He’s just being coy about how to get there. Also, Obama has weakened the national defenses by canceling a missile-defense agreement in Europe and jacked up spending by more than $1 trillion at home. Sounds pretty much like traditional liberalism.

When all is said and done, there’s at least one good reason for conservatives to subscribe to Newsweek: we’d be annoying the magazine’s liberal overseers. “Newsweek, whose circulation was as high as 3.1 million in recent years, plans to cut that to 1.5 million by the beginning of 2010, in part by discouraging renewals,” wrote media critic Howard Kurtz in The Washington Post on May 18. What a great business strategy: encourage half of your customers to go away.

If only we could convince the Obama administration to give the same treatment to the so-called stimulus bill, we’d be in business.

Rich Tucker

Rich Tucker is a communications professional and a columnist for