Rich Tucker

Soros wants to change our approach. “When we use military force, we risk playing into the hands of terrorists,” he wrote. “Terrorism is abhorrent because it kills innocent civilians for political goals. War, by its nature, claims innocent victims. By using military force, we run the risk of doing the same thing as the terrorists.”

That, of course, gets reality exactly backward. Americans are fighting for freedom, while terrorists are fighting to kill free people. We’ve freed people from tyrants in Afghanistan and Iraq and started a process that encouraged people in Ukraine and Lebanon to demand their freedom. Meanwhile, terrorists continue to set off bombs in Iraq, because they’ve got nothing to offer except murder and mayhem.

Finally, Soros wrote, “the war on terror is even worse than an ordinary war because terrorists try to remain invisible so the chances of hitting innocent victims are even greater.” Well, there’s something we can agree on. Indeed, the terrorists try to remain invisible. That’s why we must occasionally use extreme measures such as wiretaps to track them down. This doesn’t have anything to do with Americans surrendering our freedoms -- it has to do with protecting our freedoms from those who want to kill us.

Congress, of course, should maintain oversight, and the administration should cooperate completely. That’s been happening all along. Lawmakers acknowledge they’ve received frequent updates on the NSA program. In fact, Rep. Peter Hoekstra, chair of the House Intelligence Committee, says senior administration officials often asked him whether he needed more information to evaluate the program. The president has nothing to hide here.

When it comes to “hiding,” it’s bin Laden who’s got that down. While most Americans go about our daily lives, he’s hiding in a cave somewhere. Assuming, that is, that he’s even still alive. We haven’t heard from him since he endorsed John Kerry in October 2004, and his silence is becoming deafening. By any measure, he’s more afraid of us than we are of him.

The war on terror will end, because we will win it. And we’ll keep extending our liberties to the rest of the world, which, presumably, will give American lefties even more to holler and complain about. To quote their former front man, “Bring it on.”

Rich Tucker

Rich Tucker is a communications professional and a columnist for