Rich Tucker

“Dick, I was just wondering,” one response began, “when you say that cons like yourself have a plan while liberals (or more acuratly (sic), 49% of the nation) can only offer empty framing, then how do you account for the utter lack of planing (sic) for Iraq? Or is that the fault of the 49 also?”

Just to make sure there wasn’t any understanding, I let the writer know I prefer not to be called Dick. It’s my Dad’s name. I also pointed out that the F7 key was a useful tool for catching spelling errors. “Interesting that you can’t seem to look past the unfortunate name your parents gave you or spelling errors,” he replied. “But this is typical bait and switch tactics that cons like yourself use to squirm out of answering uncomfortable questions.”

Ah, what a lovely little game. When a liberal is reminded that his side has no plan to reform Social Security, he launches insults and changes the subject. And then accuses the conservative of having done those exact things.

Of course, the conservative plan for Iraq was -- and is -- to export democracy. A free and democratic Iraq will help transform the Middle East. But this letter writer isn’t interested in the plan. He’s just interested in changing the subject. If one were to lay out the conservative plan for Iraq, he’d claim, “but you’ve got no plan for reforming the space program,” or “you’ve got no plan to eradicate ants in Texas,” until, eventually, he’d hit on something for which conservatives actually don’t have a plan. There must be something out there we haven’t thought of.

Finally, on July 8 I wrote that the previous day’s attacks on the London subway showed the weakness of Islamic terrorists, not their strength. “The West is winning, and will win. It’s merely a matter of time,” I wrote.

But one writer questioned which religion the attackers really followed. “I have a small suspicion that the recent bombings in London may have been done by Israel citizens (sic) or other Jews that may be doing what they consider ‘helping fellow Jews’ by blowing up what are normally Muslim dominated mass transit points,” he wrote.

When events proved him wrong, he wasn’t ready to back down. “I do not actually care to learn who did the bombings,” he later responded. “I have opened the minds of many people. Try to close them, you bigot.”

Will do. Oh, and please, keep those e-mails coming.

Rich Tucker

Rich Tucker is a communications professional and a columnist for