Rich Tucker

However, as recently as Sept. 10, Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., highlighted Awad’s on-going support of Hamas after Awad turned down a request to appear before a Senate subcommittee on terrorism. “People who were invited to the hearings today but declined to testify also have intimate connections with Hamas,” Schumer said. “I wish they had taken us up on our invitation so that they could explain themselves.”

Instead of strongly condemning terrorists, CAIR attempts to bully anyone who is at all critical of Islam. For example, CAIR urged supporters to contact Harvey and complain about the broadcast. As it frequently does, the organization provided a link to his e-mail address. However, when CAIR is on the receiving end of public comment, it’s not always so enthusiastic.

Back in April 2002, CAIR posted an on-line poll asking if Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon should be charged with war crimes. 94 percent of some 500 voters said “Yes.” Until, that is, famed blogger Glenn Reynolds referred to the poll on his Instapundit Web site.

Within hours, more than 10,000 people had voted in the poll, and 94 percent were against trying Sharon. Faced with such a public outcry, CAIR claimed its site had been hijacked, and took the poll down. Like too many pressure organizations, CAIR can dish it out, but can’t take it. They simply don’t have the self-discipline.

As a postscript, Paul Harvey did issue an apology, of sorts. “Islam is a religion of peace,” he said, and “terrorists do not represent Islam.”

But Harvey shouldn’t have apologized. Muslims like the folks at CAIR frequently tell us that Islam is supposed to be a religion of peace. But at the same time, Islamic militants are carrying out suicide attacks in Turkey, in Israel and in Iraq. Those militants are, unfortunately, acting in the name of Islam. And they’re virtually alone in that. While members of other faiths occasionally launch acts of terror, radical Muslims carry out the overwhelming majority of such attacks.

 It’s the terrorists who have, sadly, transformed Islam into a bloody religion. It’s not wrong to point that out. In fact, we should repeatedly do so, until Muslims like those at CAIR take more vigorous actions to reclaim their faith from the real threat: Terrorists.

Rich Tucker

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