Rich Tucker

After all, there’s no secret about PETA’s overall agenda. It wants everyone to stop eating meat and poultry. As it says on the PETA Web site: “Some people ignore dietary advice to cut back on or cut out animal products, perhaps hoping that a ‘magic pill’ will come along that will make their illnesses go away. Common sense tells us that prevention is the best medicine.”

Not to encourage any of the lawyers out there, but I think KFC might have a counter suit here. After all, “Some ignore dietary advice to cut out animal products.” Who’s doing the ignoring? And who made the advice in the first place? My doctor recently recommended that I try the Atkins diet -- and following that would require me to eat more meat, not less.

People have been eating animals since the beginning of time. It might not be politically correct to point that out, but it’s a fact. And today’s animals are probably treated better than food animals have ever been. That’s not to say I’d want to be slaughtered for food. But since we’re going to continue to be a meat-eating species, I’d say we’re handling ourselves pretty well.

Let’s end the silly, pointless lawsuits. After all, isn’t it almost dinnertime?

Rich Tucker

Rich Tucker is a communications professional and a columnist for