Rich Lowry

Posted May 05, 2008

A push-pull dynamic has redefined Hillary. As the mainstream media, the left-wing blogs and latte liberals have turned on her, she has held all the more tightly to her down-scale constituency and reacted against her critics.

Posted May 01, 2008

If there's just one candidate of change this fall, John McCain will be the Horatio Seymour or James Cox of 2008 -- a presidential also-ran all but forgotten to history.

Posted April 28, 2008

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright has taken Barack Obama's critically acclaimed race speech in Philadelphia, ripped it into bits and tossed it in the air to serve as confetti for his parade through the media.

Posted April 24, 2008

Barack Obama's supporters and the media (excuse the redundancy) have expected Obama's ascension to presumed Democratic nominee -- accompanied, no doubt, by blazing lights of Unity and trumpet calls of Change.

Posted April 21, 2008

Members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at the Yearning for Zion Ranch in Texas can be forgiven for thinking they are being punished for making just another "lifestyle choice."

Posted April 17, 2008

When President Bush and Pope Benedict XVI stood together on the White House lawn in a majestic welcoming ceremony.

Posted April 14, 2008

Barack Obama was caught saying something he believes.

Posted April 10, 2008

If they have a sense of humor, the gods of public relations must be smiling. China celebrated landing the 2008 Summer Olympics as a global PR coup that would seal its status as an internationally respectable power.

Posted April 07, 2008

Even in the age of instant communication, it takes three months or more for developments in Iraq to have any impact on the U.S. political debate.

Posted March 31, 2008

It could be an item on a David Letterman Top Ten List of "How to Know Your Mayor is Headed for a Major Scandal" -- he's known as the "Hip-Hop Mayor."

Posted March 27, 2008

Oliver Sacks may have a new case study in Hillary Clinton. The neurologist and author who writes about people afflicted with bizarre disorders might find Hillary's faulty memory an avenue for new research.

Posted March 24, 2008

Beneath the headlines of Wall Street's financial crisis lurks the economic killer for ordinary Americans -- inflation.It steals from the pocketbook of every American consumer, in an across-the-board regressive tax.

Posted March 20, 2008

In his hour of political need, Barack Obama went to his base -- the media. He delivered a speech about the nation's racial divisions that couldn't possibly get anything but lavish praise from the press, burying for now the controversy over his longtime pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Posted March 17, 2008

Are we to believe that the Rev. Wright had the ushers scan the crowd at every service and, if Barack Obama and his family were present, reverted to a mainstream Christianity and colorblind calls for love and mercy?

Posted March 13, 2008

The Democrats are famous for forming circular firing squads. But apparently the real gunplay doesn't begin until every member of the firing squad thinks he or she has been the victim of racism or sexism.

Posted March 10, 2008

She's going to keep coming. The Obama campaign can tout "the math." Pundits can insist she leave the race. Former liberal supporters can complain about her smash-mouth tactics. But Hillary Clinton is not going to relent.

Posted March 06, 2008

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez reached for what he considered the ultimate insult when he called Colombia "the new Israel."

Posted March 03, 2008

Hillary Clinton ceased to be the Democratic front-runner weeks ago, humiliatingly enough for her formerly inevitable campaign.

Posted February 28, 2008

The warm tributes to William F. Buckley Jr., the conservative hero who died Wednesday at age 82, have emphasized all that everyone could appreciate about him.

Posted February 25, 2008

For Barack Obama, hope can triumph over anything, except for open trade with a neighboring country with an economy 1/20th the size of ours. Then, all is despair.