Rich Lowry

Even if Pelosi and Co. are right, there is no reason to pass this resolution now, with our troops dependent on logistical support flowing through Turkey and Turkish troops massing on the northern border of Iraq for a potentially destabilizing strike against Kurdish terrorists. Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, citing Darfur, says, "If we paper over what has happened, then we are at risk of letting it happen again."

Well, we are letting it happen again already in Darfur, and a resolution about a 90-year-old atrocity isn't going to stop it. How many members of the murderous Janjaweed militia have even heard of the Ottoman Empire, let alone care whether the U.S. Congress condemns its crimes or not? A genocide could overtake Iraq if the sectarian war there burns out of control, but all Democrats have to say about that potential atrocity is that we should get out of its way. Perhaps one of Pelosi's successors will propose a nonbinding House resolution criticizing the slaughter in 2097.

In response to the resolution, the Turks could deny us landing rights at the air base at Incirlik, close the crossing into Iraq at the Habur frontier gate, and deny us blanket overflight rights. All of this is crucial to the resupply of our troops in Iraq who Democratic politicians swear they "support" at the same time they consistently undermine their mission. They opposed the troop surge that has shifted the military landscape in their favor, they emboldened their enemies by broadcasting our lack of staying power, and now they could alienate one of their friends.

But the Ottoman Empire, from somewhere in the dustbin of history, presumably will learn its lesson.

Rich Lowry

Rich Lowry is author of Legacy: Paying the Price for the Clinton Years .
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