Rich Lowry

    CBS News did countless stories based on the claims of Bush critic Joe Wilson, who has been shown to have lied about his key contentions. What is it about CBS that makes it so susceptible to the frauds of Bush haters? CBS News barely noted the subsequent discrediting of Joe Wilson. What is it that makes CBS News so reluctant to clean up after the frauds of Bush haters?

    How do you define, per libel law, "reckless disregard for the truth"?

    You suggest it is only Bush partisans who are criticizing your reporting. Please provide evidence of the pro-GOP bias of The Washington Post and ABC News, the two news organizations that have been most aggressive in poking holes in your work. Please use only original documents.

    You have argued that the documents must be accurate because the White House has not denied them. Is this the new standard for accuracy that should be taught at the nation's journalism schools? You haven't denied being a Republican plant long-ago embedded in American journalism to discredit the liberal media from within. Is it therefore true?

    Do you now view Richard Nixon, cigarette makers and innumerable other targets of "60 Minutes" through the years in a new light? Maybe deceiving the public isn't so bad after all.

Have you heard of the Internet? Have you noticed the power it has to debunk the work of sloppy and stilted mainstream journalists? Isn't it a bummer?

Rich Lowry

Rich Lowry is author of Legacy: Paying the Price for the Clinton Years .
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