Rich Lowry

So has Bush. The Web site lists hundreds of murders in which Bush and his family have allegedly been involved, including the John F. Kennedy assassination. The abbreviation on left-wing sites for the Bushes is BFEE, the Bush Family Evil Empire. A book detailing the Bush family murders called "The Immaculate Deception" outsells mainstream anti-Bush books -- by Al Franken, et al. -- on, according to York.

The Clinton White House maintained that the ravings of an anti-Clinton fringe mattered because they seeped into the mainstream. It produced a 300-page report to this effect, the "Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce." By this standard, the anti-Bush lunacy should be considered important as well. The Democrats have a largely Bush-hating field of presidential candidates, including one -- Sen. Bob Graham -- who has talked of impeaching Bush, and another -- Howard Dean -- who fuels his surprisingly strong campaign with anti-Bush animus.

In 1994, Time Magazine ran a story called "Clintonophobia!" that quoted historian Alan Brinkley saying that Clinton was "the first president who has generated this kind of right-wing hatred" and that such negative passion could never be directed toward a Republican. "Liberals tend to value tolerance highly," he said, "so there's a greater reluctance to destroy enemies than among the right."

This is demonstrably false. There is a vocal Bush-hating chorus on the left that resents his narrow victory in Florida, that will never forgive him for invading Iraq and that can't stand his cowboy mannerisms. It spreads anti-Bush poison far and wide -- but don't hold your breath for the Time story about "Bushophobia!" For the media, only the right is capable of "hating."

Rich Lowry

Rich Lowry is author of Legacy: Paying the Price for the Clinton Years .
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